Lab Test Covid 19 PCR Molecular Saliva


Elite's at Home Test Includes the following:

Physician Order and Reporting of Results

PCR Molecular Saliva Testing

Lab Report

Collection Kit


Who benefits from the Molecular Saliva PCR in-home collection test?

  • Those who want their specimen to be collected in their home.

  • Those who need to know if they are currently infected with COVID-19 or not.

  • Those who may have an aversion to Nasal Swabs.

  • Those who can't wait in line for an appointment at 3 a.m. at their local urgent care for a COVID appointment.

  • Those who can't risk being around other possible COVID infected patients.

  • Those employers who need to know if an employee is currently infected with COVID or not.


Simple and Easy Process 


  1. Don't put anything in your mouth (food, water, smoke, beverage, etc...) 30 minutes prior to testing.

  2. Register your kit on-line as instructed.

  3. Follow the instructions provided via video and instruction sheet.

  4. Salivate into the cup.

  5. Click the top shut and activate the reagent.

  6. Shake as instructed for 5 seconds.


Place the label on the collection tube.  Write your name.

Place tube in FedEx box and drop off at FedEx Box.

Wait 1-2 days for results.  You will receive a link via text for secure results.