Dealership Occupational Screening Alliance




The D.O.S.A. comprises of a group of dealerships that offer a drug free workplace and/or conduct background checks to potential and current employees.

We at Elite Services created the alliance to keep drug screening and background check costs at the lowest possible price. D.O.S.A. Membership is available to you at no cost.

Elite Services works in partnership with only fully accredited laboratories; Quest Diagnostics and Laboratory Corporation of America. We currently process over 15,000 tests per month and have thousands of sample collection facilities across the nation.

Facts about our services:

• Negative drug tests are reported the next business morning
• Positives are reported within 48 hours of sample collection
• All drug tests are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO)

• Background searches are reported the same day
• MVR's are sent out the same day


With your D.O.S.A. membership, you get:

• A medical testing advisor
• Lowest pricing in the industry
• Online reporting with email notification • Monthly testing trends report
• Random selection if desired, at No Fee


No Contract


Membership is 100% Free Absolutely NO Setup Fee Testing Price will Never Increase


For more information or to join D.O.S.A. call us at: 888-738-9297 ext 100 or click: D.O.S.A.