The FMCSA is Mandating a new Drug and/or Alcohol Clearinghouse that is effective January 6, 2020. The concept of the Clearinghouse is to improve safety by eliminating job hoppers who have a drug and alcohol infractions, Employer determined refusals and actual knowledge of employee drug and/or alcohol use while on safety sensitive duties.  As a FMCSA employer you need to be registered in the FMCSA Database by January 6, 2020 and begin using the database for new hires effective January 6, 2020.  Also, you have to query all of your drivers annually to prove none have drug and alcohol infractions in the database. Elite Services, your DOT Drug and Alcohol testing provider has partnered with Workplace Intelligence, our compliance consultant firm, to provide all our FMCSA clients with the needed information on the mandate. 

We are hosting an hour long complimentary free webinars over the next few weeks.  The intent of the webinar is to educate you on the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse as well as educate you on what you as an employer of FMCSA Drivers, need to do in order to be in compliance.

The biggest question, is what happens if I don't comply.  Employers of FMCSA drivers are subject to $2,500 fines per occurrence.  I also have a lengthy FAQ from FMCSA available at your request (just reply Send FAQ).

If you would like to attend a webinar, please reply with the date and time that is best for you from the above list and we will send you an invite.  If you prefer to talk in person, please call me at: 352-217-8460


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