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A Top Rated Nationwide Employee Screening Service since 1994.

We only utilize accredited laboratories across the nation, and process 15,000+ tests per month. We have network of over 7,000 collection facilities at our client’s disposal.

Become a part of our team, and receive all the benefits of our three decades of industry knowhow and top rated service.

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Our Services

We provide comprehensive services for employee drug screening and medical review officer (MRO) services. Our MRO team ensures accurate interpretation of drug test results and provides confidential consultation on employee medical conditions. Additionally, we offer thorough background searches to assist in hiring reliable and trustworthy candidates for your organization.

Employee Drug Screening

Employee drug screening refers to the practice of testing job candidates or current employees for the presence of illegal drugs or substances in their system. This process has become increasingly common in many industries as companies recognize its numerous benefits. One of the main advantages of employee drug screening is the promotion of workplace safety. Substance abuse can impair an individual's judgment, coordination, and productivity, which can lead to accidents or errors in the workplace. By detecting and addressing drug use among employees, companies can create a safer working environment for everyone. Additionally, drug screening can help deter potential drug users from applying to jobs in the first place, attracting more responsible and reliable candidates. Moreover, by maintaining a drug-free workplace, businesses can reduce absenteeism rates, lower healthcare costs, decrease turnover, and enhance overall productivity. Overall, employee drug screening is a proactive measure that helps ensure a healthier and more productive workforce.

Medical Review Officer

 Medical Review Officer (MRO) plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and accuracy of drug testing results. With their expertise in pharmacology and toxicology, MROs review and interpret test results to determine if any medication or substance could have influenced the outcome. By verifying legitimate medical explanations for positive results, MROs protect individuals from unfair consequences and maintain a fair testing process. Their role extends beyond confirming drug use; MROs also provide valuable guidance on substance abuse prevention and intervention. Overall, their involvement not only ensures the reliability of drug testing but also contributes to the well-being and safety of individuals and organizations.Describe one of your services

Background Searches

Employee background searches provide numerous benefits for employers. Firstly, they allow companies to ensure the safety and security of their workplace. By conducting thorough background checks, employers can identify any potential criminal records, history of violence, or other red flags that might pose a risk to the organization and its employees. Additionally, background searches verify the accuracy of the information provided by the candidate, helping to prevent any potential instances of resume fraud or misrepresentation. This process ensures that the selected candidate possesses the necessary qualifications and experience for the job, enhancing overall productivity and reducing the chances of hiring an ill-suited individual. Furthermore, background searches contribute to maintaining the integrity and reputation of the organization by minimizing potential legal and financial risks associated with hiring unfit individuals. Ultimately, performing employee background searches is an important aspect of the hiring process that helps companies build a trustworthy and secure workforce.

Data Driven

Our U.S. based servers connect to multiple certified testing labs every 5 minutes to ensure timely reporting


All drug screens are reviewed by one of our team doctors,

Medical Review Officer (MRO)


All our testing labs are

DOT Accredited and Certified



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