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Workplace Screening

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Specializing in lab services for 30 years

Workforce drug screening and background checks can be time consuming and messy. Our network of over 7,000 locations nationwide delivers fast and reliably, every time. Take the stress out of hiring!

Work with Us

A Top Rated Nationwide Employee Screening Service

We only utilize accredited laboratories across the nation, and process 15,000+ tests per month. We have network of over 7,000 collection facilities at our client’s disposal.

Become part of our team, and receive all the benefits of our three decades of industry knowhow and top rated service.

Data Driven

Our U.S. based servers connect to multiple certified testing labs every 5 minutes to ensure timely reporting


All drug screens are reviewed by one of our team doctors,

Medical Review Officer (MRO)


All our testing labs are

DOT Accredited and Certified



4632 36th Street

Orlando, Florida 32811

Satelite Offices

7,000 Locations Nationwide

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