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Random Drug Screen Consortiums

Are you a company with 49 or fewer employees? Elite Services Random Consortium is your compliance solution.


What is a random consortium?

A drug screening consortium is an association of companies or groups of employers that join together, as a single entity, for the purpose of Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing of its members. The member companies add their employees to a combined random testing pool. The consortium administrator (eScreen) updates the pool and manages the selection process. Only companies with 49 or less covered employees may choose to join a consortium.


Here's how the our program works:

An Elite consortium administrator will assist you in the random consortium enrollment process. Elite regularly updates the consortium pool with employee details from each member company and communicates the randomly selected individuals' names to you securely online. Elite Services can assure an impartial selection process for your company through this automated solution. This program is easy, efficient and worry-free!


Easy random testing management via Elite Services

Users enjoy web based automation and management for their random consortium testing you can:

  • Receive real-time randomly selected employee names

  • Perform online drug test scheduling for selected employees

  • Track and monitor random test events on demand

  • View random compliance status

  • Generate random program statistical reports


Do you have customers too large for a consortium?

Elite Services can also fully automate the random drug testing program for your customers with 50 or more employees. The program and technology works the same for these customers, except they function in a stand-alone pool of their own employees no consortium enrollment required!

Learn more about how Elite Services easy, efficient random selection program can help you manage your random drug program more easily and efficiently.

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